Sunnyside SPONSORS!

WOW. We love Sunnyside. Mel used to live there, El lives there now - in a little house that looks like it belongs to the Seven Dwarves. In a good way.

Sunnyside is not kidding with its massive support of Sunnyside Parents Night Out featuring The Mommy Show and Sabrina's Play Studio brought to you by Sunnyside Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics empowered by hellosmile!

Come to the show to have the night out you NEED and win prizes from Baby K'Tan, Pure Spa & Salon, The Dog and Duck, Tiny You, McManus Irish Dance, Looking for Om, The Functional Pelvis and Bing's Hallmark.

You could win a chic product for your home, yoga classes, a baby carrier, dance classes, a delicious dinner out or somebody to fix your broken PELVIC FLOOR. Come ON, people. It's not everyday that this is a possibility.

We also have your babysitter booked! Drop your potty trained kids off at Sabrina's Play Studio before the show for playtime, crafts and dinner and you'll still have time to grab a bite yourself before picking them up! I think we've figured everything out.

All you have to do is click here to reserve your tickets. Space is limited so text your mom friends and make a plan NOW.

P. S. You are an A+ parent and YOU DESERVE A PRIZE!

P.P.S. Moms love The Mommy Show but so do Dads! So (if you want to), invite your husband, too!

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