SOLD OUT in Brooklyn!

Thank you to all of the mommies, daddies and other kinds of people that came out to Union Hall on a school night to see The Mommy Show. We had a terrific time complaining to you about our children, but it was SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. We all processed our feelings about parenthood and emerged as better people. And El stopped the show TWICE to wipe masacara that was running down Mel's face, so that was super exciting. The magic of live performance, boys and girls. You never know exactly what's going to happen.

Thank you to our lovely sponsors: Pink Olive, d'mai urban spa, Kidville Park Slope, Powerplay, Norman & Jules and Twinkie Tush for giving lots of cool, free stuff to our audience. That was very kind of you. We exercised self control by not hoarding all of the prizes for ourselves because that would be unethical and our show is extremely ethical. Ethics are HILARIOUS. So, Brooklyn, tell all of your friends to join us next month at The Mommy Show at The Slipper Room in downtown NYC. More drinks, more songs, more prizes and more ethics.

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