Another SOLD OUT Show!

Well, that was fun. Thank you to The Creek and The Cave and all of the wonderful parents and non-parents who came out to The Mommy Show in Long Island City. It was sooooooold out. We're so glad you got out of the house and we could all laugh (and maybe cry a teeny bit) together over drinks. Thank you to our composer and accompanist Patrick Spencer Bodd for being an Eagle Scout. There is not a gig that goes by where he doesn't have to MacGuyver something or other. He is the perfect addition to two Jews (us) who can't even ride a bicycle. Thank you so much to our incredible sponsors who gave away seriously GOOD prizes to our sweet guests: Tiny You, Mimi & Mo, The Yoga Room and LIC Kids. A huge thanks to our contest sponsor The Dairy Fairy for giving away one of their fancy pants (or should we say fancy tits?) nursing/pumping bras the day of the show. We look forward to offering you lots more FREE STUFF at shows to come (and online for those of you who are far away). Now we're going to go sleep and relax after all of our hard work. JUST KIDDING.

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