New York Parenting

Tammi Scileppi/Feature Story

"Having a sense of humor is mandatory when you’re a parent. Mel & El agree." Full story.

The New York Times

Neil Genzlinger

"The outrageous routines of Mel & El...bring down the house."

The Village Voice

Angela Ashman

"...Hilariously squirm-inducing...we feel like they're our best friends, too. We haven't had so much fun since seventh-grade sleepovers." 

New York Post

Frank Scheck

"Mel & El seem ready for prime time...the outrageous duo are letting it rip in their new musical comedy show."


Leonard Jacobs

"MEL & EL is a hoot....Their sensibility isn't just to skip down memory lane but to cut up. It's for them to be their irreverent, idiosyncratic, devoted selves."

Leslie Jordan

"These two bitches are hilarious!"

Connecticut Post

Joe Meyers

"Mel and El have crack comic timing and display genuine musical comedy chops.... It's like kiddie TV for adults."

Travelin' Cousins

Elisa Valentino Levine

"The Mommy Show is refreshing and entertaining.  Ninety minutes of hearty laughter and 'mommy validation' in this off-color, spot-on, campy account of life as a mom. Whether you are a parent - mom or dad; a child of a parent; or simply observe the art of parenting around you - the experience is uplifting."

Next Magazine

Brandon Voss

"Move over Kathy & Mo....the likable pair...are pop-culture-obsessed pals that bitch, bicker and belt catchy songs.... You’ve seen self-deprecating characters like these before—think Heidi and Susan in [title of show]—but rarely with chemistry this infectious."

Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy

Marcy Girt

"Real life besties Mel & El are brassy, and funny - these ladies can sing!"

John Cameron Mitchell

"Mel and El are twin daughters of different mothers -- spooky telepathic funny and they crack my shit up."

Bust Magazine

"Mel & El grabbed me by the ovaries the minute I walked in. A girl-culture bonanza that totally affirms why keeping close to your best friend is the best decision a city gal can make."


"We're kvelling! Seriously. Word to the wise: book them; You'll want to say you saw them when."


David Finkle

"Hilarious! They're cellulite-thigh-slappingly funny."

Yahoo Entertainment

Bixby's Broadway Blog

”Mel and El are a total riot. Keep your eyes on these two young ladies; they are going places - for sure!”

Nightlife Exchange

Bisanne Masoud

"Clever and fantastic. Besides being riotously funny, Mel & El are also genuinely touching. These two appear to be having a really good time, and the fun is infectious."

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